Stop It, Commercials

Aw, Dammit to Hell, Government!

Posted in Uncategorized by hendyhendel on February 19, 2011

There they go again, those bastard politicians. Detached, unaware, alien creatures floating in the abyss that is Government, dictating our lives. They aren’t fascist, they aren’t socialist; they are just fucking assholes.

This ethnically non-descript lady agrees.

I mean for Cup of Christ’s sake, look at her cart! Pineapples and fruit and vegetables and shit! LET HER BUY SODA. SHE JUST WANTS THE FUCKING SODA. And flavored water, what the hell??? I was a child once, and flavored water was there.

Case. Fucking. Closed.

Everything I do is perfect and must not be taxed. This lady’s anger is similar to mine, meaning I’m right. Remember that time they tried to tax tanning?? Fucking police state! If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.

I know this woman. She lives down the street or has kids or something. The point is she looks familiar. Hell, I bet she attends town hall meetings and says things, things that might be on the news. She might have been on the news! And she might be black, so I’m obviously cool with that since I agree with her. GOD EVERYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH ME IS A FUCKING DICK.

Follow this lady’s example: attack any politician you see. If you ask them questions, you win, game over. Politicians aren’t used to strangers talking to them, so be a stranger and talk to them! They’ll get all uncomfortable and mealy and you have won democracy. You can’t spell “self-righteousness” without “right.”


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