Stop It, Commercials

Brief Update (lest anyone give a shit)

Posted in Uncategorized by hendyhendel on February 7, 2011

Updates have been few and far-between lately for two reasons:

1) I have other occupations which require more immediate attention.

2) I’ve not been watching nearly as much TV, and as such see less commercials, and as such see less commercials that I hate. Honestly, the only things that consistently piss me off are those persistent Miller Lite “Look at the dude doing something effeminate! The hot bartender makes fun of him and denies him a better-tasting beer!” spots. DO NOT WORRY: those commercials are still despicable, but formulaic. I’ve already attacked the formula.

That said, there will be an update today for the 2nd Annual Super Bowl Commercial Round-Up. Due to work obligations, I was only able to watch the second half of the game last night, so I missed most of the major commercials. I’ll be watching them on Hulu (something that’s becoming part of the tradition, though I have electricity this time), and get back to you.

Again, assuming anyone cares.


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