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Beer commercials attack intellect, social liberties (again)

Posted in Uncategorized by hendyhendel on November 11, 2010

It’s been several months since we’ve updated, but as football season has come back into full swing, there are new commercials that have staked their claim and deserve destruction.

Let’s return to a favorite target: fuckin’ beer commercials.

It must be clarified: we at Stop It, Commercials do not hate beer. We rather enjoy beer, in fact. For the most part, we don’t even discriminate against the beers mentioned here (though they are rarely a first choice; there are equally inexpensive beers that treat their drinkers with class instead of contempt, such as Yuengling or Sam Adams). However, if they continue making commercials like this, it starts becoming clear that with every pitcher bought, there is a haunting echo of derisive laughter floating along the wind.

This is not the only spot of this kind, there is a series. Nor is this the only awful one (in some ways, to be fair, it’s one of the least awful ones). However, it exemplifies the whole gamut of intellectual crimes being done by beer advertisers.

These commercials are disasters for multiple reasons:

In each spot, the bartender is a traditionally sexy woman with enough cleavage to require ropes and carabiners. The women all behave cruelly toward their customers as if they don’t work for tips. They emasculate a man-boy who doesn’t care about how his beer tastes (none of these people would give a shit, but when the question is, “Would you like the beer that tastes better?”, no one would realistically say, “No.”). This is sexism, people. It’s thinly veiled sexism. Essentially, the woman acts like a man and calls the man a pussy (you can’t say “pussy” on TV; you can, however, say “woman”). The implication is that anyone, regardless of gender, who acts like a woman is inferior. Women are cool, so long as they behave like a dude.

This particular spot was chosen, because it has a different element. Look at everyone. The mama’s boy, the mama, the friends, the bartender. See a trend? While you’re just as unlikely to find a black person in any of the other spots, this is pathetic damage control. They’re diverse, because there’s black people. There’s no integration, but there are black people. The rest are all white, but people get angry when there are not black people. Let’s get a bunch of black people together! Black quota, served!

This commerical, and this string of commercials as a whole, embrace antiquated notions of discrimination through a modern eye. But no matter how much you Febreze it, bullshit is still bullshit.


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