Stop It, Commercials

Dumb one!

Posted in Uncategorized by hendyhendel on April 6, 2010

So you know how people are assholes?

I opted to use this commercial as an example instead of the more ubiquitous one featuring Stevie Wonder having super powers and mysteriously hanging out with Tracy Morgan, because it hones on the major issue with this campaign:

The punch-buggy game is annoying as all fuck.

We all know the person who loves this game. It’s the same person who laughs at their own jokes, and laughs at them loudly to make passersby think that more than one person is laughing, ergo everyone’s having the best damn time in the world. Except no one is. Except the person punching someone and laughing. Hint: don’t punch back. In your irritation, you will punch them way too hard and their outlandish amusement will shift to pitiful anger faster than a bipolar pregnant woman.

It’s clear why Volkswagen is pushing this game. It’s been Volkswagen’s M.O. for generations: we’re the car of the people (hell, it’s in the fucking name). People do play this game, focusing in on our cars, so why not make money off of it?

It’s also dumbshit of them. It’s an unfortunate side effect of Volkswagens, not a selling point. It’s like Grey Goose Vodka showing a static shot of a toilet dripping with fresh, liquid vomit, proclaiming “Another great night brought to you by Grey Goose!”

Additionally, as pointed out by the person who suggested* I write on this commercial**, VW gets the fucking game wrong. You punch when you see a Bug, hence “punch-buggy.” If you punch for every Volkswagen on the road, you’re not just a jerk, you’re a stupid jerk.

*Thanks to Nick Philpott for suggesting this one.

**A note on suggestions: I’m more than happy to take them. There are a lot of commercials out there, many of which are disastrous, and I can’t possibly watch as much TV as I’d need to in order to give them all justice (amount of money from this website: none; amount of money from job: more than none. Job wins), so please, if you hate a commercial, send it my way. I can’t promise I’ll write on it, though. This isn’t to say your commercial isn’t awful, but usually to say I can’t articulate what isn’t working with the commercial. Or I can’t find the video on YouTube, some bullshit like that.


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