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Everyone In Your Neighborhood Hates Trident Sandwich Gum

Posted in Uncategorized by hendyhendel on January 27, 2010

This commercial has been around for sometime, so you’re most likely familiar with the Trident Sandwich. It is a sandwich we’re looking at, right?

This commercial never says who has sponsored the campaign, but it’s an ad from some special interest group who deeply hates Trident gum. My guess is a bunch of fucking dentists or something. Why else would no one featured in this commercial appear to seriously want the product? Based on everyone’s over-the-top expressions, creepy gazes and toothy grins, they are all sarcastically implying that this gum is the absolute worst possible payment anyone could ever be forced to settle with.

“You expected money, silly babysitter, but hows about some gum instead?”

“Yes! Gum! I will settle for gum!”

“We are all jealous of your gum payment, especially us minorities working service jobs!”

I apologize for going into an analysis of irony, but I had to assure myself that the makers of this commercial had zero interest in anyone ever purchasing the Trident Sandwich. It’s so far-fetched to believe that the company that sells Trident gum would ever try to cleverly advertise their product as a joking replacement for money, because (obvs!) this gum is so terribly foul, that it’s beneath getting paid in brass knuckles to the face.

Well don’t you worry, Dentist Brigade (that’s their union): not only has your ad influenced this consumer to never purchase this gum or even accept a piece from a friend or colleague, but simply looking at the product sends me running.


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